One Rough Fuck

“Sleeping with you is weird,” he said.
“Weird? Weirder that fucking me?”
“Yeah, I’m not used to it and you can’t keep still at night.”
“Maybe you should hold me, keep me still.”
“Would you be happier if we slept separately? How many guys ever get to sleep with a hot and horny vixen?”
He laughed, then kissed me. I could still taste myself on his lips. My scent mixed with his, all sweat and anti-perspirant.
“You trying to get me hard again?”

Marcus was almost a foot taller than me, but I was always a little short ass girl. He’d grown more like his father. Big and beefy. No wonder he played football. His hands could be gentle when they touched my skin. Especially when he rubbed me. Palm pressed on my clit, fingers moving up and down the labia. His fingers were bigger than some cocks I’ve had in my time. He could also be rough. Strong enough to toss me around and powerful enough to piledrive my holes.

“Make it happen, mom,” he said.

I loved fucking my son. He was so much like his father that I wasn’t the least bit surprised that those thoughts had entered my mind a few months ago. Sure, I could have gone out and found guys like that but Marcus, like his father, had that certain something I wanted. His cock. Which, like the rest of him, was big and beefy.

There are few pleasures in life that are greater than sucking a thick cock and I loved the feeling as he got hard in my mouth. Taking my son’s cock while soft and letting my lips and tongue make him hard gets me wet. I can feel my own arousal growing as his cock does.

“Come on. Fuck me,” I whispered to him. “Get in between my legs and fuck me hard. Don’t hold back.”

He mounted me. His hot breath on my face. My hands on his ass. I felt every inch of my son’s cock enter me. He kissed me with a passion reserved for these moments. One which felt rough. His weight pushing me down. Pinned. Helpless. His hands over my wrists, keeping me in place.

“Pound me. Fill me up with your big, fat dick!”

He gave me everything he had. Violently thrusting himself into me. Slamming his cock into my ever-eager cunt. I was helpless to resist but never wanted to. I was his fuck-toy. Owned by my beautiful baby boy.

I came. He came. It was going to be messy down there.

He rolled off me, out of breath.

“You know I’ll do anything you want,” I said to him. “You’re my son and I love you. I love being fucked by you. I love the way you treat me. I love your big dick in my pussy. You can fuck me however you want.”

“I know, mom. I love you too.”

“Anything,” I continued. “Pussy, ass, mouth. Spank me, tease me. Play with me. Tie me up. Bring a friend one day. Or maybe a threesome with another woman.”

“I just want you, mom.”

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